Cargill, Inc.- Featured Shot

Cargill, Inc.

TIMELINESeptember 2019 - December 2019 (2.5 months)
ROLEUX Designer, UI Designer, UX Researcher

Full details of this project can't be shared publicly due to NDA, but I'll be happy to chat about it, so please feel free to reach out.


My team's task was to explore potential ideas to help Cargill's animal feed production plants more efficiently and effectively identify and keep track of their feed piles after manufacturing.

Our proposed Solution was an inventory management dashboard (and platform for future features to be build on). My team of 2 engineers and 1 designer(me) created a function prototype (Python, React, Firebase) and a mockup (Figma) to demonstrate the idea. Our stakeholders were excited at its prospects and (to my knowledge) are currently implementing this at the manufacturing plants for further testing.


Here's a summary of what I did:

(1) Remotely interviewed 8 Cargill, Inc. employees who were technicians or supervisors.

(2) Synthesized the interviews and communicated results with stakeholders, client, and teammates through storyboards, process maps, and personas.

(3) Went through multiple rounds of ideation and refinement to ensure that the proposed solution finds the right balance between users (UX), engineers (technical), and requirements from stakeholders and client.

(4) Led biweekly presentations to clients and stakeholders through the project for alignment and buy-in.

(5) Worked closely with engineers to understand technical requirements and tweaked or prioritized designs to optimize for the minimum viable product (MVP), while balancing trade-offs on usability.

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